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There Are Private Investigators And Security Staff Working For The Cyber Task Force We Do This Is To Protect Users Of The Social Media Sites We Have Contracts To Work With We Do Aim To Protect And Serve Our Community And All Cyber Users We Refer To Cyber As Any Thing To Deal With Internet As What Ever Is Put On The Internet Stays On The Internet For Ever And Can Not Be Remove For Good So It All Goes Into The Cyber Web And There For We Have Choose The Cyber As Our Name


Welcome To The New Home Of The Cyber Task Force Site On There You Can Get Help And Tips And Info On Free Stuff Protect Your Computers As Well As Contacting Us, And Not Forgetting Keep Your Self Safe.


You May Ask Your Self Who Is The “CYBER Task Force” We Protect And Service The Community And Keep On Eye On Everybody’s Safety As The Cyber Crime Is On The Raise You May Not Your Been A Victim Of Cyber Crime Until Its To Late Or Weeks Months Or Years. This Is What We Are Here For, We Have Officers Around The World And We Are Always There And We Have A Live Chat Report At The Bottom On The Right Of Every Page We Also Have Email Address To Report Crimes That Is Report@Cybertaskforce.Org This Email Will Aim To Reply Within 24 Hours. If You Haven't Had A Reply Within 24 Hours Please Be Patient As We Have A Lot Of Reports


We Work With Facebook, Zello, Twitter, Bebo To Name Some Of The Sites We Work With So

One Banned From One Site For Breaching Terms Of Conditions We Put File's Together To Have A Cross Plat-Form Ban. We Ask You To Respect Us And Most Important Respect Each Other We Follow All The Laws

That We Are Governed By And We Are Licensed And We Have And All Data We Collect Under Any Investigation Is Secure. If You Have A Police Back Ground Or A Security Back Ground Then We Want To Her From You Contact Us Via Info@Cybertaskforce.Org


We Can Be Found On The Cops & Leo Channel On The Application Called Zello What Is For Smart Phones And Also Pc And Tablets So Come And Meet Us.

Please Have A Nice Time On Our Site And Please Remember To Come Back As There Is Updates On Here Each Day


Our Main Aim Is To........

To Protect And Serve Our Community

To Stop Cyber Bullying

To Put A Stop Children Being Put At Risk On The Cyber

To End Cyber Fraud

To Make Sure All Tos Are Followed And Were A Breach Is Been Found To Make Sure Action Is Taken

To Make Sure Sexual Images Are Removed From Any Social Media Site Or Application

To Promote Safety

And File The Reports To Take Formal Action Agents Throes Who Put People At Risk


Data Protection Act [for Anyone In The E.U]


We Will Keep Your Personal Information Secure How Ever If There Is Someone At Risk Or A Formal Investigation Is Proven Then We Will Contact Law Enforcement If Is (E.U Law)


All Recordings And Images Screen Shots And Investigation's Are Put On A Secure Data Base That Only Our Law Enforcement Officers Can Access

You Ever Need An Officer Then Please Feel Free To Contact Us And If We Are Not Here You May Find Us On The Walkie Talkie App Called Zello The Link Is In The Menu And Please Contact Us There If Emergency We Will Always Have Officer In The Channel Called Cops& Leo This Is Our Channel And Please Ask For An Employee Of The Cyber Task Force We Will Come Straight Please Have The Following For Us Ready We Will Need On Kik


Screen Shot

A Brief Outline Of The Report You Wish To Make

A Voice Recording Of The Link Please Of Both Parties

And The Channel Name

When The Issue Happened